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Are you Controlling your Telecom Expenses?

The cost of telecommunications now ranks among the top five expenses for most companies. Billing errors exist on up to 80% of your telecom bills. Companies relying on internal resources struggle to obtain even 10% of the savings potential.

Managing Telecom Expenses

The expertise to manage, reduce and control telecom expenses is inadequate for most organizations.  Telecom service providers’ monthly billing statements are difficult to read and often close to impossible to audit.  Most organizations simply do not have the time or resources to conduct a monthly detailed audit and resolve disputes, therefore these expenses are paid “as is” many times with overcharges.

Telecom providers have a vested interest making these tasks impractical.  If the average person could read and comprehend the bill, most providers would experience a decrease in revenues from the exposure of hidden fees, rate changes or increases, taxes and additional charges.

Monitoring telecom expenses is difficult for many reasons: multiple complicated billing platforms, telecom acquisitions, uneducated buyers, 50 state “utility commissions”, tariffing and de-tariffing rules, a lack of billing standards, discount contracts, profit margin manipulation and deceptive advertising and trade practices.

Most companies delegate the telecom bill review to their IT staff or telecom staff, if they have one.  These departments, however, are some of the most thinly staffed and have the least amount of time to accurately review and audit billing.  The complexity and volume of paperwork along makes it a daunting if not impossible task.

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